Beer Mug – Porcelain
Décor Bleu d’Arras, décor hand painted.
Porcelain of Limoges, signed CAUDRON House.
Manufacturing date, 1980’s

Origin: Town of Arras in the Pas-de-Calais Department, Northern France

Diameter 9 cm (3,54 in)
Height 12,5 cm (4,92 in)

Information: A bit of History,
Arras would not be Arras without its “Bleu” since 1770.
A family of four sisters set up a porcelain factory. The factory closed in 1790, being no heirs to pass the know-how.
In the 1960’s, Henri Caudron rediscovered the technique and revived the Arras porcelain.

History of the rat, hand painted at bottom of the cup:
In former times, the ’S’ in Arras was not pronounced. So ‘ARRA’ became ‘A RATS’ (with rats in English) in popular imagery and language, as they both sounded the same in French. Rats first appeared on official city seals in the 14th century, surrounding a lion and a fortified enclosure. From1331, they also appeared among the symbol of the Bishopric of Arras. Adopted by the coin mint of Philip II of Spain in the 16th century, the image of the rat was disseminated widely and thus it became the curious and rather mischievous emblem of the city.

Cleaning and Care Recommendations:
Hand wash, dry thoroughly