Child Cup – Two Handles – Earthware
Perfect gift to a little one or for a Christening gift
Niderviller – French Pottery Manufacturer since 1735

Origin: Village of Niderviller in the Moselle Department

Height – 6.5 cm (2,54 in)
Inner Diameter – 7 cm (2,75 in)
Volume – 23 cl (7,77 oz)

Information: A bit of History,
In 1735, Anne-Marie Défontaine, lord of the village, decided to put her forests and quarries to a good use by starting a pottery works. In 1748, her nephews sold it for 90,000 livres to Baron Jean-Louis de Beyerlé. In 1763, the company started producing porcelain, thanks to the help of workers recruited from Saxony. Because of its unique location in the duchy of Lorraine, where it was exempt from French laws designed to protect the royal monopoly of the Sèvres porcelain manufactory, Niderviller flourished for nearly twenty years. The glaze of the Niderviller factory is considered to have been of the best quality, closely resembling the contemporary glaze used at Sèvres.
Maker of faïence, returned to making this after the mid-18th century when it also made hard-paste porcelain. In both materials, it made heavy use of deep magenta or pink in its decoration.

Cleaning and Care Recommendations:
Dish Washer Safe