Décor Bleu d’Arras, décor hand painted.
Porcelain of Limoges, signed M. Segard

Origin: Town of Arras in the Pas-De-Calais Department, Northern France

Diameter 21 cm (8,27 inches)
Height 20 cm (7,87 inches)

Information: A bit of History,
Arras would not be Arras without its “Bleu” since 1770.
A family of four sisters set up a porcelain factory. The factory closed in 1790, being no heirs to pass the know-how.
In the 1960’s, Henri Caudron rediscovered the technique and revived the Arras porcelain. Later, Maurice Segard, a porcelain decorator continued the tradition.

Cleaning and Care Recommendations:
Hand wash, dry thoroughly